Sylvain Marcellini
Principal Investigator
Xenbase web page
Office: (56)41-2 203 295
Lab: (56)41-2 204 135


David Muñoz
PhD student
(56)41-2 201 660
David is currently exploring the possible homology of bone and dentine from a GRN perspective.




Fret Cervantes
PhD student
(56)41-2 201 660

Fret is looking for direct targets of Xenous tropicalis osteoblastic TFs.

Adrian Romero
PhD student
(56)41-2 201 660

Adrian is working on the transcriptional regulation of SCPP genes in skeletal cells.



Hector Castillo
Master student
(56)41-2 201 660
Hector is developing new expression vectors and experimental strategies to detect toxic compounds such as dioxins.




Rodrigo Méndez.
Undergraduate Biochemistry student
(56)41-2 201 660
Rodrigo´s project aims at expanding the range of cell types that can support our dioxin detection genetic system.


Francisco Godoy
(56)41-2 201 660
Bioinformatic analyses of our RNA-seq and ChIP-seq experiments performed on developing Xenopus tropicalis skeletal cells.





Ruth Chavez. Laboratory technician.


Former members
Pedro Contreras.
Pedro defended his Master thesis in May 2017, focused on the functional impact of repeated sequences embedded within a col1a1 distal enhancer.
stón Ótarola.
Gaston performed both his bioingineering undergraduate thesis and his master thesis in the LADE between 2011 and 2014, and developed a new dioxin bioassay. Albeit he is now performing a PhD thesis in Berkeley, we still collaboratee on this topic.
Patricia Hanna.
Patricia performed her PhD in the LADE between 2010 and 2014. She successfully used RNA-seq and ChIP-seq to detect active/poised promoters and enhancers in Xenopus tropicalis osteoblasts, and study the complex relationship between regulatory elements and repeated sequences.
Ariana Bretin.
Ariana performed her PhD in the LADE between 2010 and 2014, she established a primary culture of Xenopus osteoblasts and studied the activity of the Wnt and BM pathways in vivo and in vitro.
Alan ritz.
Alan did his undergraduate Biochemistry thesis in the LADE between 2013 and 2014. He performed a detailed 3D imaging of native Xenopus tropicalis osteocytes which provided important insights regarding how osteocytogenesis occurs in vivo.
David Navarro.
David did his undergraduate Biology thesis in the LADE between 2013 and 2014, focusing on the evolution of the btg family members.
Daniel Aldea.
Daniel did his undergraduate Biochemistry thesis in the LADE between 2011 and 2012, focusing on the evolution of the network-forming collagen family.
Federico Jara.
Federico did his undergraduate Biology research project (“Licenciatura”) in the LADE in 2011. His work focused on the anatomical comparison of skeletal development between Xenopus tropicalis and Chilean endemic frog species.

Javier Espinoza. Javier did his undergraduate Biology thesis in the LADE between 2008 and 2010. His work focused on the histological analysis of bone development in Xenopus tropicalis, as well as on the description of gene expression patterns.
Mario Sanchez. Mario did his undergraduate Biochemistry thesis in the LADE between 2008 and 2009. His work focused on the molecular characterization of Xenopus tropicalis skeletal genes, as well as on the cloning of new transgenesis vectors.






May 2017: Pedro Contreras defended his Matser thesis! Congratulation sand best of luck for your future plans Pedro!


January 2017: Laurent Sachs and Nicolas Buisine from the French National Museum of Natural History visited the LADE and gave a fantastic bioinformatics course for 14 postgraduate students. The 3 days-long workshop included a combination of lectures and practical activities and was held at the University of Concepcion. More details here !

July 2016:  Sylvain, Gastón and Héctor gave a talk at the 33rd National Meeting of Biochemistry Students. More details here !


5th of December 2014:  Ariana and Patricia defended their PhDs on the same marathonic day!


April 2014, Bioengineering student’s music festival: Sylvain, Leo and JP at their best!


January 2014, celebrating the new year, Daniel’s visit, and summer, at last!

August 2013, lunch in Lenga!

Oct. 2011, in Nahuelbuta with Yann Le Petillon from Hector Escriva’s lab!

Gaston, Pata, Javier, Sylvain, Daniel and Ariana: March 2011!


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